What's New

The vamp.io team is always working to bring you features to improve your Vamp experience. Below you will find feature summaries for new implementations to Vamp.

Vamp Release Agent v5.3.1

Improved support for triggering release plans for StatefulSet-based services. Release plans for StatefulSet-based services now require an explicit StatefulSetUpdatedEvent to be received after a ReleasePlanEvent is received. This is different from the behaviour of release plans for Deployment-based services.

Deployment-based services allow the DeploymentUpdatedEvent to be received before a ReleasePlanEvent is received. This decouples the deployment and release life cycles of these services by allowing new versions of Deployment-based services to be deployed ahead of time. This decoupling is not possible for StatefulSet-based services.

Vamp Release Agent v5.2.0

Removed the dependency on having Elasticsearch configured as a metrics source. In earlier versions, different metrics sources could be defined but the Release Agent would fail to start if VAMP_ELASTICSEARCH_URL was not set.

Vamp Release Agent v5.1.0

Added a separate implementation of the Vamp Health metric for StatefulSet-based services. In earlier versions, StatefulSet-based services used the same Vamp Health metric as Deployment-based services. This led to the health of StatefulSet-based services being incorrectly reported when Pods could not be updated.

Vamp Release Agent v5.0.1

Added a new policy type to support StatefulSet-based services. Since the life cycle of StatefulSets does not support running two stable versions in parallel, StatefulSet-based services cannot be canary released in the way Deployment-based services can.

Validation policies support Blue/Green releases of StatefulSet-based services. The policy monitors a newly released version of a StatefulSet-based service and triggers a rollback if any of the policy conditions are not met.

StatefulSet-based services can still be canary released between applications, in the same way Deployment-based services can.

Vamp Kubernetes controller v1.1.0

Added improved support for monitoring of StatefulSets. StatefulSets have a different life cycle to Deployments, so we've added new events specifically for StatefulSet changes.